In June 2019, Storefront launched Building Cycles, a yearlong program of exhibitions and public programs that explores the various stages and life cycles of building.

The program considers the notion of “building” as both place and process, and lays the groundwork for new ways of creating spaces, places, and relationships with and within our surroundings. Throughout the year, Building Cycles acts as a platform for experimentation. Each exhibition (and a final performative moment) represents a different step in the building process. From analysis of place to the unveiling of infrastructure; from the creation of enclosures to the inhabitation of spaces, Building Cycles examines the histories and futures of our built environments and the people that live within them.

Storefront for Art and Architecture is a nonprofit organization with a downtown Manhattan gallery space that has presented innovative programs addressing issues of the built environment since 1982. Storefront was founded as an experimental forum that reframed the relationship between public and private space, which is evident in its iconic facade designed and created by Vito Acconci and Steven Holl. Working in dialogue with artists, architects, and collaborators from other fields, Storefront curates and organizes exhibitions and public programs that question and unveil the most pressing concerns of our cities and public spaces.

Throughout its history, Storefront has explored critical social issues such as homelessness, gender identity, and public housing, and has responded to geopolitical and economic conflicts such as the Gulf War, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and the Occupy Wall Street movement, all while offering emerging artists and architects the opportunity to present new and unconventional work.

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In addition to each of the four major exhibitions and final assembly of building cycles, Storefront presents a program of public events, competitions, publications, members tours, and limited editions. For more about current and upcoming projects, see the list below.


As a nonprofit organization, Storefront for Art and Architecture relies significantly on the support of its members, who are part of a growing network of independent architects, artists, and individuals who believe in experimental and innovative ideas about our built environment.